Bin Laden, et al., Name change consideration of the temporary ...

Bin Laden et al. Name change consideration of the temporary ... International terrorist organization al-Qaeda leader of bin Laden suspects the organization executives et al., It was found that was considering a change in the organization name in order to win the support of terrorist activity from the Muslims. US Military Academy [anti-terrorism Center was revealed in a document published on the day. Manner in which the organization had been struggling order to have a religion of terrorism activities in relief. Documents seized when shot and killed bin Laden in the last year month, US Navy special forces Shields Pakistan hideout. Of 00 years, such as letter to bin Laden suspects al-Qaeda officials have signed up to date from the point, and publish the page. It pointed out that in the document the name of the [al-Qaeda] is by reducing the sense of belonging of Muslims. It has presented an alternative proposal, such as [the Islamic Unification Group] [Islamic National Unification Party]. Expressed concern Muslim citizens are sacrificed unnecessarily bin Laden even in such as suicide bombings. In order to restore the confidence of Muslims, he had instructed his men to re-examine the media strategy.

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